Vietnam visa for Portugese

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 - 8:31 AM

Hello, my name is EDUARDO CALDEIRA and i am Portuguese student. At present i am studying in Beijing, but in January i want to travel in southeast asia, and i already booked my flight to Vietnam. After that, i will continue my trip, but i have to comeback to Vietnam, so what i would like to know is, if is it possible to obtain a multiple visa or two entrance visa, how much is it, and how can i do that, since i am not in my home country. Thank you very much, Best regards, EDUARDO CALDEIRA


You can apply for 1 months multiple entries. The service fee for 1 month multiple entries is 25 USD/pp, not include 65 USD/pp for less than 1 month or 95 USD/pp for full 1 month visa stamp fee that you have to pay to pick up visa at the airport. You don't need to send any document to us. We will arrange approval letter and send to you within 1-3 working days. IN case, you want to get urgent visa, please contact us. Thank you!