Noi Bai airport is in Best & Worst Airports in the World, According to Business Travellers

Removed from a familiar home setting and waited for the crowds and security rituals of the airport, the business traveller soon desires something more. Some comfort space for themselves, decent food and drink and a pleasant environment to pass the time as painlessly as possible.

This need for niceties is one reason that business class travel exists.  But with more planes leaving the runways and consumer air travel becoming the normal, airlines created a new tier of comfort to compete for that lucrative business market. Today, a business class seat is still a nice place to enjoy the time.

These spaces are managed by a hodge-podge of private companies and underpaid service staff, dealing with a fast through traffic of stressed customers. They make their money from needs, not preferences — desperation, not desire — and it shows. In our new study, we found that business travellers give only 12 airports in the whole world a rating of more than 5/10. And who knows the landscape better than business travellers?

The team here at wondered which airports are making the best of it.


To find the best and worst ones in the world, we collated all passenger reviews for major international airports from Airline Quality and calculated the average rating from reviewers categorised as “business travellers.” The last step was to rank the top-rated airports globally, by continent, and in the U.S. and UK.

Travel to Vietnam in summer Thursday, June 15th, 2023 - 4:32 AM

Travel to Vietnam in summer

Summer is the time when Vietnam has the most delicious fruits of the year. Therefore, choosing to come to Vietnam at this time is a great thing. If you have the opportunity to go around the Southeast, you will see many kinds of fresh and delicious fruits sold along the two sides of the road or fruit-laden orchards.

In some provinces such as Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Can Tho, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, there are many tours to visit the fruit gardens by unique means such as trains, autorickshaws, rowing bicycles. At the garden, dozens of fruit trees are planted at a moderate density, allowing visitors to see, take pictures as well as hand-pick them. The feeling of climbing, continuing and looking directly at the red rambutan garden, the yellow mango garden, the cool green durian garden is so poetic. Each garden also has different kinds of fruit such as jackfruits, star apple, waxy coconuts, green-skinned pomelos, dragon fruits, longan, Burmese grape, custard apple, etc.

In addition, you can also experience with young people the game of wading in the ditch to catch fish with many kinds of fish in the ditch such as carp, perch, catfish, snakehead fish, etc. You will be given a woven bamboo basket and then wade into the ditch to catch fish. Which one you catch, you can bring it up, bring it to the kitchen and ask the garden owner to cook it or bake it yourself. Moreover, the garden also serves lunch with boiled chicken as a salad served with mushroom porridge, or green mangosteen and grilled snakehead fish with raw vegetables. The chickens are raised in the garden, so their meat is fragrant and sweet.

Boating, going to the monkey bridge (footbridge), wearing a Bà Ba shirt are also interesting experiences in the gardens.

lotus lake

HCM City to host first Vietnamese “banh mi” festival

This first bread festival will take place from 30-3 to 2-4 at the Hcmc Youth Cultural House. And is expected to be held annually as an event to promote food and attract tourism. In addition, the implementers also wish to have Vietnam Bread Day 24-3. 

The festival gathers 120 booths of restaurants, bakeries and suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City,  the whole country  and foreign suppliers ... Especially during the festival, there is a symposium "The journey of developing Vietnamese bread", introducing 105 dishes with bread undertaken by famous chefs.

Attendees also enjoyed popular bread brands for free. At the press conference, representatives of the more than 80-year-old bread brand Nguyen Sinh (District 1) said that they will prepare 420kg of pate to serve for free. In addition to traditional bread, bread sticks, French breads, and breads in different styles were also introduced at the festival, showing the richness of this dish.

In addition, the festival also dedicates space for the bread truck start-up program for women and bakery practitioners, honoring "Top of the oldest and famous bread brands over 50 years in Vietnam".

“Banh mi” is a popular Vietnamese variety of sandwich that shares the same core ingredient - a baguette. "Banh mi" is ranked 7th among the best street foods in the world by Taste Atlas, a website dedicated to discovering fresh ingredients, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants around the world. It was also named among the 50 best street foods in Asia by CNN.

If you have ever eaten Vietnamese bread, you will feel the difference compared to French baguette, deciding to 50% of the deliciousness of Vietnamese bread is meat, pate, herbs or even chili peppers, must be green peppers, sliced ...

The word "banh mi" of Vietnam was registered by the famous Oxford Dictionary on 24-3-2011 that anyone who wants to call must speak Vietnamese, and we want this to be chosen as Vietnamese Bread Day for the coming years.

Da Lat is always the number one choice of tourists Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 - 2:15 AM

Referring to Vietnam, where all kinds of unspoiled beauty from natural to man-made, it is indispensable to have a climate from hot to cool of cold winters. Da Lat is a place we cannot ignore when coming here, possessing natural beauty, beautiful terrain on the plateau along with a cool atmosphere that is very suitable for foreign tourists. This place also brings a peaceful look in every dish, drink or strange dish that can be a gift of this highland. Each season of the year, Da Lat has its own unique things that make tourists want to come. Spring here is signaled by cherry blossom paths stretching pink carpets. In summer, the romantic purple color of purple phoenix also makes visitors flutter. In the last months of the year, Mimosa flowers and wild sunflowers show off their yellow colors all over the street, making the thousands of flowers blooming.

Taking advantage of nature, there are homestays with views from above or in the pine forest or small cafes to watch the sunset. At dawn again, from the top of the tea hill or high hill we can see the clouds passing by with a little mist of the winter sky, we can feel the atmosphere here so peaceful. Strolling down the center of Da Lat market to make a cup of silver faint to see the wild scenery in the cold winter, walking around the slopes, you can see many shops selling chicken intestines or bread at very cheap prices. . , what could be better for such a morning. The sun is up, take advantage of walking around Xuan Huong Lake, check-in Da Lat Square and then go around the alleys, don't forget Da Lat station with old historical train tracks. Historical sites or Da Lat Pedagogical College with familiar features from the French colonial period, the virtual living views are nothing compared to the middle of a hot, sunny winter. The sun has risen a bit, we can't ignore the specialty "chicken é leaf hot pot" with a spicy flavor that soothes the cold of winter. After being full, we return to a coffee space with unique beds that create a sense of comfort while enjoying delicious cups of tea while lying in bed, accompanied by snacks or soaking lessons. Relaxed feet. It is also getting dark, the air is getting colder, the night market space is also increasingly crowded and bustling. The shops selling grilled corn, baked potatoes with hot soy milk or grilled rice paper make the atmosphere even more lively. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available for sale all day in the center of the market.


Experience four seasons in Binh Lieu Friday, December 9th, 2022 - 8:23 AM


Binh Lieu is a mountainous district in the northeast of Quang Ninh province.  The East borders Hai Ha district, the South borders Tien Yen district and Dam Ha district (Quang Ninh province); the West borders with Dinh Lap district (Lang Son province)The North borders with Ninh Minh district, Chong Zuo city and Fangcheng area, Fangchenggang city (Guangxi - China).

Named as 'Sa Pa of the Northeast', mountainous district Binh Lieu in Quang Ninh Province is characterized by its cool weather and mesmerizing views. The climate of Binh Lieu district is characterized by a mountainous climate, quite different from the general climate of the province. In the summer, Binh Lieu's weather is cool and pleasant like Sapa. In winter, sometimes the temperature drops to low, as cold as famous mountain areas such as Mau Son, Lao Cai,... However, Binh Lieu can be said to be attractive all year round, with four seasons each season has its own beauty.

In the spring, the pure and pure white color of truffles, flowers, ban flowers, ... spread throughout the mountains and forests will surely bring romance and peace to your soul.

In summer, you will see yellow flowers on the green grass. If you like to bathe in waterfalls, swim and then immerse yourself in the cool water, coming to Binh Lieu in the summer is the ideal choice. Waterfall at the headwaters is fresh, cool, and pure, both bringing joy to swimming and really good for health.

In Binh Lieu, there are two ripe rice seasons, one at the end of July and the end of October. Not as majestic as the terraced fields in the Northwest, the golden rice fields of Binh Lieu stretch under the valleys, hugging the slopes. winding hills or interspersed rocks, interspersed ...

Especially in the autumn around October and November in Binh Lieu, the season of reed flowers is so beautiful. This is considered the most tourist attraction season. Binh Lieu in the late autumn and early winter season is not only attractive by the majestic backpacking route, but also exudes a romantic beauty with white reed flowers spreading across the hills and slopes, stretching across the border patrol route. Perhaps this season is the most worth waiting time, the season that makes the name of Binh Lieu tourism. Binh Lieu reed flower season usually falls in late October and ends in mid-November. Although Binh Lieu is endowed with a charming beauty all year-round, the district particularly strikes visitors when fall transitions to winter. From the glossy yellow hues of staircase rice fields to the magnificent mountain landscape and natural waterfalls, the area visually amazes at every turn.

Although Binh Lieu is endowed with a charming beauty all year-round, the district particularly strikes visitors when fall transitions to winter. From the glossy yellow hues of staircase rice fields to the magnificent mountain landscape and natural waterfalls, the area visually amazes at every turn.

In winter, sometimes snow covers rooftops in pristine white fluff at some places in Binh Lieu whilst mist engulfs ethnic villages lining the forest, together composing a dreamy painting. 

If you visit Binh Lieu during the White Flower Festival you will easily to meet Thai and Dao ethnic women in bright-colored traditional attire. The occasion celebrated the rich history and ethnic culture of the community with campfires for youth, a crossbow competition, and culinary fair.

To round out the trip and profoundly experience Binh Lieu, tourists predominantly camp overnight on Cao Ly Mountain amidst wild nature to contemplate the sunset and sparkling night skies.

The campers mainly choose for stretches of land in between Cao Ly Mountain in Huc Dong Commune and Cao Xiem Mountain in Luc Hon Commune due to their flat and spacious surfaces.

Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam is the ideal destination for solo travel

Nearly 50,000 Booking app users choose Hanoi as one of the five suitable destinations to love single days. The five most voted destinations are Hanoi, Liverpool city (UK), Ko Ngai island (Thailand), Búzios town (Brazil) and Yaeyama archipelago (Japan).

On World Singles Day 11/11, Booking conducted a survey on the most places travelers like to visit when traveling alone. This result is based on votes from nearly 50,000 people from 31 countries and territories around the world from Asia, Europe, America to Oceania.

Vietnamese assume that "Hanoi is not in a hurry". Hanoi is a great city to explore as a solo traveller because it is safe, slow and easy to get round by many kinds of vehicles. Hanoi has everything for a solo traveller such as fascinating culture, great local food supply, rich history,  interesting nightlife and many more.

Moreover, The booking app also suggest that street food in Hanoi is "memorable" and affordable. Therefore, Hanoi is also voted as one of the top 10 world destinations for an enjoyable and affordable vacation.


Some of the prominent destinations of international tourists in Hanoi are: One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Presidential Palace,  Tran Quoc Pagoda,  Museum of Ethnology... 

Besides, culinary discovery is also a tourist attraction. The drink that many people like to experience the most is egg coffee.

Regarding accommodation, Hanoi has many hotels from budget to high-class, in the inner city and suburbs to serve tourists.

Easy to get around

As a tourists, you can book BEE or Grab to get around the city either by motorbike or car. They offer English interface so it is very easy to use. If you departs from the hotels, ask the reception to order a taxi for you which is also reliable. If you want to observe the slow pace of Hanoi people, you can choose to sit on a cyclo around the streets.

World famous Pho – Vietnamese noodle soup 

Pho Thin 13 Lo Duc street : Known as the best beef pho in Hanoi. After you make the payment, get your seat and they will bring it to you.

Pho Suong at Trung Yen alley way : Located in a tiny alleyway, it sometime hard to find. Tasty broth and good noodle. 

Try Banh Mi in Hanoi

Chain of Bami Bread at 98 Hang Bac st : One the best Bami in Hanoi Old Quarter with special sauce. A chicken sandwich is recommended to try here

Banh Mi 25 at 25 Hang Ca st : What makes it special is outdoor bench for people to sit and watch the traffic. On the other hand, beer, smoothies, juice are good to enjoy

Where to try Bun Cha in Hanoi

Bun Cha Dac Kim at 01 Hang Manh st : One of the place that uou cannot miss if you want to try Bun Cha. Grilled pork is served with rice noodle and fresh herb.  You are recommended to order some sea crab spring roll.