Da Lat is always the number one choice of tourists

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 - 2:15 AM

Referring to Vietnam, where all kinds of unspoiled beauty from natural to man-made, it is indispensable to have a climate from hot to cool of cold winters. Da Lat is a place we cannot ignore when coming here, possessing natural beauty, beautiful terrain on the plateau along with a cool atmosphere that is very suitable for foreign tourists. This place also brings a peaceful look in every dish, drink or strange dish that can be a gift of this highland. Each season of the year, Da Lat has its own unique things that make tourists want to come. Spring here is signaled by cherry blossom paths stretching pink carpets. In summer, the romantic purple color of purple phoenix also makes visitors flutter. In the last months of the year, Mimosa flowers and wild sunflowers show off their yellow colors all over the street, making the thousands of flowers blooming.

Taking advantage of nature, there are homestays with views from above or in the pine forest or small cafes to watch the sunset. At dawn again, from the top of the tea hill or high hill we can see the clouds passing by with a little mist of the winter sky, we can feel the atmosphere here so peaceful. Strolling down the center of Da Lat market to make a cup of silver faint to see the wild scenery in the cold winter, walking around the slopes, you can see many shops selling chicken intestines or bread at very cheap prices. . , what could be better for such a morning. The sun is up, take advantage of walking around Xuan Huong Lake, check-in Da Lat Square and then go around the alleys, don't forget Da Lat station with old historical train tracks. Historical sites or Da Lat Pedagogical College with familiar features from the French colonial period, the virtual living views are nothing compared to the middle of a hot, sunny winter. The sun has risen a bit, we can't ignore the specialty "chicken é leaf hot pot" with a spicy flavor that soothes the cold of winter. After being full, we return to a coffee space with unique beds that create a sense of comfort while enjoying delicious cups of tea while lying in bed, accompanied by snacks or soaking lessons. Relaxed feet. It is also getting dark, the air is getting colder, the night market space is also increasingly crowded and bustling. The shops selling grilled corn, baked potatoes with hot soy milk or grilled rice paper make the atmosphere even more lively. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available for sale all day in the center of the market.