Vincom center, where you can shop and relax

Thursday, October 20th, 2022 - 1:22 AM

Vincom center, where you can shop and relax

Since the opening of the first mall in 2004, Vincom Retail has owned four different brands: Vincom Center, Vincom Mega Mall, Vincom Plaza and Vincom+. These brands give Vincom a national presence. By seamlessly integrating entertainment, hospitality and retail elements, Vincom not only offers luxury shopping malls, but also cultural, arts and entertainment venues. By combining of these offers, Vincom sets new standards for shopping and entertainment in Vietnam.

Vincom is always located on the busy street in the center of every city it is located in. Therefore, it is very easy for tourists to find Vincom when visiting a new place. The building is very tall and made of glass, shiny steel and concrete like any other modern building. A place to play for all ages, from the shopping to the bookstore to the Movie theater. Supermarket, restaurants and cafes. On the lower floor there is a shopping center with many well-known brands such as Adidas, Crocs, Aristino, Canifa, Converse, Reebok and luxury brands of jewelry and accessories: Samsonite, Vascara. On the second floor you can easily see

health and cosmetic brands: Faceshop, Origani, S-line. On the third floor is the Apollo English Centre, a well-known brand from England. You can also go through the large bookstore to find anything from a book, novel, souvenir, toy, pen, etc. There is also a supermarket on this floor, it will be a pleasure, from fresh fruit, Fish, meat, vegetables to buy household items. I would like to move to a fourth floor where we have a movie theater and a food court. I can try new foods from many countries, such as Korean noodles, Japanese sushi, Thai salad, KFC chicken, pizza and pasta. The food here is rich and delicious. There are cafes with menus ranging from coffee, milk tea, juices, smoothies to mojitos. Little kids will enjoy playing Tini word, there are many games in this area, like building sandcastles, painting statues, ball houses, mini soccer fields, puzzles, animal collectors. In addition, Vincom also has a large entertainment area for adults where they can play with coins, e.g. E.g. racing, shooting fish, choosing gifts.