Experience using a face mask when flying with Vietravel Airlines

Friday, June 10th, 2022 - 8:30 AM

Experience using a face mask when flying with Vietravel Airlines

The test flight of Vietravel Airlines' spa & clinic service on the route from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

An airline wellness session lasts 20 minutes. Passengers using the service will receive a heat patch on the back of their neck, and a mask for 10 minutes. During the masking process, passengers will be massaged on the neck, shoulders and back. This is really useful for people who have to fly constantly, sit a lot in front of the computer.

After 10 minutes, the mask is removed, the customer is wiped clean and the heat mask is applied to the eyes to create a comfortable feeling. The spa staff present on the flight continued the hand, shoulder and head massage. At the end of the course, passengers are offered hot tea to relax.

This is a service that Vietravel Airlines will consider and receive feedback from passengers to build a set of high-class beauty care products and put into service for passengers on long-haul flights in the near future.

Vietravel Airlines has invested a lot in services. Passengers on all flights are offered a pack of dried nuts and dried fruit and a free bottle of water in addition to pre-ordered meals. In the near future, Vietravel Airlines will provide in-flight entertainment services with a variety of content including its exclusive movies, unique reality shows and entertaining music. Passengers can connect and experience with their personal devices to ensure absolute safety, personalization and comfort throughout the flight.