Extending your Overstayed Vietnam Visa

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 - 6:09 AM

Millions of people all around the world enjoy their holidays by taking a trip abroad. That's why travelling become one of the most favorite activity for relaxation. As a result, demand for visa to enter a country is getting more numerous.

There are various ways of getting a Vietnam visa. When you choose Vietnam as your destination for travelling, a visa is regarded as a "license" which allows you to enter Vietnam legitimately. Visiting an embassy or a consulate is a normal way to get a visa. However, looking for an online service is a very good choice for an air traveler to be granted a Vietnam visa on arrival. During the last 10 years, getting a visa online is regarded as the fastest way to obtain a Vietnam visa (just within 2-3 hours). Vietnam visa on arrival is far much faster alongside of the embassy processing time. It is so easily for you to be granted a Vietnam visa at a Vietnam international airport when you present the approval letter that you receive from a visa online service. A Vietnam visa is normally valid for 1 month or 3 month but you can extend for longer stay when you are in Vietnam.

An approval letter is a dispensable document for a traveler to be granted a Vietnam visa upon arrival. Traveler can obtain this approval letter easily by applying online at a visa online website like within 1-2 working days. After finishing your application at this website, you will receive the approval letter either by email or fax. Traveler can totally trust in visa online service at since the visa approval letter you receive from their website is a legal document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. You are required to have the approval letter with you to show for boarding and to submit at your arrival port in order to be granted your Vietnam visa. Moreover, you can even apply for a visa urgently on boarding the flight to Vietnam with a promise of ensuring your safety when travelling. Some online travel agent such as can arrange your rush Vietnam visa just within 2-3 working hours.

Once you are in Vietnam and would like to stay longer than your current visa validity, please contact a visa extension service to extend your visa before it reaches the expiry date. As a tourist, you can get your visa extended within 5-7 working days for normal service. It takes just 2 working days for visa extension processing time when you apply for an urgent service and additional fee is surely required.

When you overstay for about 48 hours, you may exit Vietnam without any problem. The limit is often 48 hours after the visa expires (the exit date). When you overstay in Vietnam for 1 day and would like to extend your visa, you can contact a travel agent for urgent extension service. Additional charge will be extra high when you extend visa later than your visa expiry date since visa urgency is very high in demand. You had better contact a travel agent to extend your visa about 1week before your visa is invalid to avoid extra fee.