Basic Requirements for a Vietnam Visa Application

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 - 5:52 AM

A valid Vietnam visa is a part of an entry requirement for travelers to enter Vietnam, as a basic necessity. That’s why you have to contact with an online travel agent or visit a Vietnam embassy/consulate in your country to make visa procedure. It always takes you some time to process your visa application by using their service and for this reason you should be patient to wait for getting your passport back with a visa stamped on it.

If you intend to travel by air, you are highly recommended to apply for you visa upon arrival. With this type of visa, you don’t have to send your passport and wait for its coming back. You just stay at home, fill in your application form online and obtain an approval letter which helps you get your Vietnam visa a Vietnam international airport (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai or Da Nang airport).

A traveler is not allowed to board a plane without an approval letter if he or she doesn't have any visa yet. So, travelers who want to get their visa upon arrival are required to apply for their visas online to get their approval letters before their trip.

In addition, when you finally get your approval letter, please make sure you check the entry date, exit date as well as all the information on your letter to avoid unexpected troubles in the future with authorities during your trip. Why is it so necessary to do it? Just to ensure that any visible mistakes will be corrected prior to departure. Remember that a small mistake can also ruin the whole of your Vietnam visa application so please be careful when you fill in your visa application.

Also, your passport is something very important that you need to prepare before you apply for your visa. First, you need to fill in your passport number to the visa application form since the proof of your nationality is required. Second, without your passport, you can’t get your visa because the immigration officer will stamp a Vietnam visa on your passport.

Other details on the visa application form such as gender, date of birth, date of arrival, port of arrival and the expected length of stay are surely required to complete exactly and carefully.

After finishing all your exact information, please make sure you understand all payment guidelines before making your payment.

The processing time of receiving an approval letter is normally 2 to 3 working days. When you have this letter in hand, it's very necessary to check all the information to see if it is exactly the same as the ones in your passport. If the information in the letter and your passport doesn't match, you will get trouble being granted a visa at your arrival airport in Vietnam.