A sunny day at Ly Son

Friday, January 30th, 2015 - 8:30 AM

Ly Son is an Island district of Quang Ngai province where known throughout Vietnam for its production of a special variety of garlic. People called Kingdom of garlic because it brings a flavor that nowhere else have the same in Vietnam.

February and March will be good season to visit and take part in the "garlic harvest time" with the locals. Then you can plant garlic yourself.

After the garlic harvested, green watermelon, purple onion and sesame fields stretched out replaced. The blue of the sea, gardens and fields of weeds carpet on vast mountains, the travels will be fascinated from first sight.

It is not hard to find a taxi or hotel, guesthouse near the pier at Ly Son Island. Although the accommodations have not fully furnished but clean, spacious and have full electric and fresh water. You can choose home-stay if you desire. The locals will always get ready to welcome you to stay at their house.


After throwing luggage at the accommodation, go around the island by motorcycle is a fascinating experience and certainly interesting that visitors cannot miss at Ly Son. 

Starting from the green watermelon plots which grown along and horizontal fields. Here, the locals will guide you how to cut the watermelon and you can enjoy right here. They are very gentle, friendly and hospitable. The fresh melon green, sweet and especially melons are not spraying pesticides. 

Go over the purple onion and sesame fields, visitors will come to the Hang, Đục Pagoda and Thoi Loi Mountain. The scene is so immense, untouched. Addition, the vast sea and the hills covered with green grass are majestic, beautiful scene. The island is also examined a living museum for Hoang Sa’s artifacts, store ceremony to the souls of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa soldiers who sacrificed their lives in obligation on the East Sea. Taking a cruise boat to Small Island will a long memory. Set away from the others in an area of 69 hectares, Small Island embraces by colorful rocks and coral reefs decorating the depth of the sea. The Big Island doesn't have sandy beach, but Small island is perfect for leisure beach activities. The Big Island is rather small and you could easily make a roundabout with your motorbike or bicycle.

If you travel from Quang Ngai City, take Mai Linh Bus, No3. It will take you 30 minutes to go to Sa Ky port. In case you visit by motorbike, you could get your bike on the ferry/ speedboat as well.

Ly Son is very hot during summer since not much shade around the island. Be ready with hat and sun spray. In raining season, the road will get muddy and difficult to move around.

If you spend a day trip, it will be too short, two days including travel to Small Ly Son island will be perfect journey.