Discover An Son Lake Da Lat "China town" in the middle of the highlands

Thursday, May 12th, 2022 - 7:51 AM

Address: Group 20, An Son Street, Ward 4, Da Lat

Hours: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

An Son Lake Da Lat Restaurant is located about 4 km from the city center and appears like a small and beautiful ancient Chinese town. 

One of the details that most interests customers is probably the wooden bridge that crosses the blue water like stone steps in the middle of the river in Phuong Hoang Old Town. Unique in that the wooden bridge floats on the water which gives an interesting feeling every time you cross the bridge. This scene is reminiscent of an old ancient city of Fenghuang or Lijiang in the minds of passengers.

Everyone who comes to the store is struck by the row of "bungalows" made of assembled wooden houses overlooking the lake. An Son Lake is an eco-friendly restaurant, the architectural works here are mainly made of natural. The style is rather rustic, the house has thatched roofs and is built of bamboo to create a rustic and cozy atmosphere.. Sitting in bamboo houses, looking at the calm and peaceful river, and enjoying delicious and nutritious meals is a spiritual gift that brings happiness.

Classical and rustic beauty, simplicity is the highlight of An Son Ho. It leaves a deep impression on customers when they coming here. Looking at the lake next door, the peaceful and tranquil scene makes us feel that time is passing slowly. After stressful hours of life, we will have moments of relaxation.

When we enter the store, we will feel like going back to Vietnam's ancient countryside. The time when, although everything was not enough, everyone lived with great affection. When the air is still very cool, there is no noisy dust. Sit in an airy bamboo house with a clean and fresh space. Not only is it located on the romantic lake shore, the entrance to the restaurant is also decorated in many bright colors thanks to the ornamental flowers and plants.

 At night, this place is illuminated by lights from decorative lights, especially colored lanterns. In the bright, fanciful lights, we seem lost in a bustling ancient place. Partly particularly important for photographing the surrounding landscape and enjoying delicious dishes.


If you come here, you don't have to worry about not having a place to take pictures. Almost everywhere in An Son Ho it is very beautiful and poetic. Every corner is enough to take the best photos of your trip.

An Son Lake restaurant is mainly furnished in a country style, specializing in delicious Central Highland specialties. That's why the food here focuses on country-style processing to ensure flavor. Owner and chef pay great attention to the freshness of ingredients and vegetables. Primary materials are mainly purchased locally. This helps the business source good ingredients and supports agricultural products for Da Lat farmers. Some special dishes such as lam rice, grilled sturgeon with salt andpepper, grilled chicken, etc