Enter Vietnam before the approved date

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 - 4:07 AM

I've got the dates wrong on my Vietnam Visa and I leave in two weeks. So my girlfriend and I have applied for and received our visas from the Vietnamese embassy. Last night I was checking the flights when I found to my horror!! that we'd booked them one day earlier than we had thought. This means the date of arrival on our visas is the 23rd May and we arrive on the 22nd May. Can we enter Vietnam before the approved date?

The foreigners passport  holder who already have Vietnam visa approval letter or even visa stamp on their passports. They can enter Vietnam a few days after its show on. But they are not allowed to Vietnam before the date given above.

The visa is valid automatically for 1 month from the entry date you applied. In case you requested one-month visa, you can leave Vietnam whenever you want within one month. Similarly, the foreigner can exit Vietnam any time within 03/06 months from the entry date was applied for 03/06 months Vietnam visa.

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