Experience using a face mask when flying with Vietravel Airlines

The test flight of Vietravel Airlines' spa & clinic service on the route from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

An airline wellness session lasts 20 minutes. Passengers using the service will receive a heat patch on the back of their neck, and a mask for 10 minutes. During the masking process, passengers will be massaged on the neck, shoulders and back. This is really useful for people who have to fly constantly, sit a lot in front of the computer.

After 10 minutes, the mask is removed, the customer is wiped clean and the heat mask is applied to the eyes to create a comfortable feeling. The spa staff present on the flight continued the hand, shoulder and head massage. At the end of the course, passengers are offered hot tea to relax.

This is a service that Vietravel Airlines will consider and receive feedback from passengers to build a set of high-class beauty care products and put into service for passengers on long-haul flights in the near future.

Vietravel Airlines has invested a lot in services. Passengers on all flights are offered a pack of dried nuts and dried fruit and a free bottle of water in addition to pre-ordered meals. In the near future, Vietravel Airlines will provide in-flight entertainment services with a variety of content including its exclusive movies, unique reality shows and entertaining music. Passengers can connect and experience with their personal devices to ensure absolute safety, personalization and comfort throughout the flight.


Interesting Questions About Da Nang City Friday, May 27th, 2022 - 12:49 PM

Interesting Questions About Da Nang City

What province is Da Nang in?

Da Nang has been a city directly under Quang Nam Province since 1975. By November 6, 1996, the Ninth National Assembly passed a resolution dividing Quang Nam Province into two parts, Quang Nam Province and Da Nang City directly under the central government.

 Da Nang City is located in the Midlands of Vietnam, almost equally divided from the capital Ha Noi to the north and Ho Chi Minh City to the south. Da Nang is also the central point that connects three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Hue Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary. Da Nang is bordered by Thua Thien Hue Province to the north, Quang Nam Province to the west and south, and the East Sea to the east. The city lies in the center of the country, on major north-south road, rail, sea and air highways and  at one end of the East-West Economic Corridor, an economic corridor connecting Vietnam with Laos, Thailand and Burma

Where to travel in Da Nang in one day?

Several of you frequently wonder that you simply don't know wherever to go in Da Nang in one day? Don't worry, on a daily basis is not long, however it's enough for you to find the sweetness of Ba Na Hills with many attractions and take special photos such as:

Ba Na Cable Car

Golden Bridge

French Village

Le Jardin D' Amour Flower Garden

Fantasy Park

Why Call Da Nang “The Most Liveable City in Vietnam”?

Da Nang is the most livable city in Vietnam? Do you know the reason why it's not Hanoi, Saigon or any other big city but Da Nang? There are 9 reasons for Da Nang to hold this title:

Owning "fever" new projects

Tourist center of the Central region

No rip  prices

There is a picturesque My Khe beach

Wifi system covers the whole city

Cheap variety of cuisine

Bustling Con market

5 star standard public toilet system

There is Ba Na Hill tourist area - Paradise on earth.

Why Da Nang Attracts Tourists?

Da Nang attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists to travel to explore and relax. So what makes Da Nang so attractive?

Da Nang is a potential city for tourism development.

The venue for many major tourist events.

There are many new and unique projects.

Bearing the cultural identity and personality of Vietnamese people.

The citywide security system is very good.

High-class accommodation system

How Many Linh Ung Pagodas are there in Da Nang?

In Da Nang, there are a total of 3 Linh Ung pagodas located at completely different locations, so it is easy to confuse visitors when they first arrive here. That is:

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda (Son Tra Peninsula).

Non Nuoc Linh Ung Pagoda (Ngu Hanh Son Mountain)

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na (Ba Na Hills Tourist Area)

Where is Da Nang Station?

Da Nang Railway Station is one of the major stations playing an important role on the North - South railway line.

Address: 791 Hai Phong Street, Tam Thuan Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City.

Station phone number: 0363 823 810

Phone number for booking: 1900 636 212 - 0335 023 023

Where is Da Nang Dragon Carp?

The Dragon Carp Fountain is a new symbolic architectural work of Da Nang city. The statue was built on the east bank of the romantic Han River.

Construction started in 2015 and completed in 2016. The statue is 7.5m high - Weighs 200 tons - Cast from a completely natural white marble block. The Dragon Carp Fountain in Da Nang is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and affluence.

During the day the fountain is turned off but it is still an attractive statue with well-defined detailed carving of the dragon’s head on the body of a fish.

When it gets dark, the fountain turns on and the Dragon Carp lights up in a rainbow of colors. The colors that light up the Dragon Carp alternate between blue, green, pink, red, white and yellow.

29th March Square in Danang - where is it?

 29/3 Danang Square is located at 2/ Street, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward,District, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

 This is the venue for major events in Da Nang, attracting tourists from both domestic and overseas to immerse themselves in the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the festival. Don't miss this special destination if you have the chance to come to Da Nang!

 Where is the Dragon Bridge of Danang?Da Nang Dragon Bridge  is one of the 6 most famous bridges in Da Nang as well as Vietnam. This beautiful bridge connects two points, Da Nang International Airport and Son Tra Peninsula. Da Nang Dragon Bridge is located on Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phuoc Linh Ward,, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

 The bridge  opened in 2013 and the dragon is a symbol of power and good luck. The dragon tail  is on the city side of the river and the head is on the side closest to the beach.Next to the bridge there are parks on both sides of the river, which are very popular, especially at night.

What time is Da Nang Dragon Bridge Spraying Fire?

"What time is the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang spewing fire?" It is also a question many of you wonder because sometimes you come to Da Nang just to admire the sight of dragons spitting fire once. Through many changes, Da Nang Dragon Bridge is set to spray fire at 9pm on Saturday and Sunday every week. In addition, major anniversaries of the year are also the occasion for the Dragon Bridge to "spray fire" to perform.

There really is no bad place to watch the show when the flames start but it will be more crowded the closer you are to the dragon’s head. On the bridge itself, the traffic is stopped before the show starts and is allowed to resume right after it is over.

When does Da Nang Dragon Bridge erupt in fire?

 "When will the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang spit fire?" It's also a question many people ask because they sometimes come to Da Nang just to admire the sight of the fire-breathing dragons. Due to many changes, Da Nang Dragon Bridge will spray fire at 9:00 p.m on Saturdays and Sundays of each week. In addition, the most important anniversaries of the year are also the occasion for the Dragon Bridge to perform "spray fire".There really isn't a bad spot to watch the show when the flames start, but it gets busier the closer you get to the dragon's head. On the bridge itself,  traffic is halted prior to the start of the show  and is allowed to resume immediately after the end.

The dragon will blow three times bursts of flames followed by three bursts of water. The water shoots out a good distance and getting wet is almost guaranteed if you are close to the dragon’s head. Of course, the wind direction makes a difference and staying up wind might help you to stay dry.

Visiting the Dragon Bridge Fire Show is a must  when visiting Da Nang. There are many restaurants and cafes near the bridge, so have a good dinner before the show and go to a cafe to  hang out and watch the dragon change color after the show.

Address: Group 20, An Son Street, Ward 4, Da Lat

Hours: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

An Son Lake Da Lat Restaurant is located about 4 km from the city center and appears like a small and beautiful ancient Chinese town. 

One of the details that most interests customers is probably the wooden bridge that crosses the blue water like stone steps in the middle of the river in Phuong Hoang Old Town. Unique in that the wooden bridge floats on the water which gives an interesting feeling every time you cross the bridge. This scene is reminiscent of an old ancient city of Fenghuang or Lijiang in the minds of passengers.

Everyone who comes to the store is struck by the row of "bungalows" made of assembled wooden houses overlooking the lake. An Son Lake is an eco-friendly restaurant, the architectural works here are mainly made of natural. The style is rather rustic, the house has thatched roofs and is built of bamboo to create a rustic and cozy atmosphere.. Sitting in bamboo houses, looking at the calm and peaceful river, and enjoying delicious and nutritious meals is a spiritual gift that brings happiness.

Classical and rustic beauty, simplicity is the highlight of An Son Ho. It leaves a deep impression on customers when they coming here. Looking at the lake next door, the peaceful and tranquil scene makes us feel that time is passing slowly. After stressful hours of life, we will have moments of relaxation.

When we enter the store, we will feel like going back to Vietnam's ancient countryside. The time when, although everything was not enough, everyone lived with great affection. When the air is still very cool, there is no noisy dust. Sit in an airy bamboo house with a clean and fresh space. Not only is it located on the romantic lake shore, the entrance to the restaurant is also decorated in many bright colors thanks to the ornamental flowers and plants.

 At night, this place is illuminated by lights from decorative lights, especially colored lanterns. In the bright, fanciful lights, we seem lost in a bustling ancient place. Partly particularly important for photographing the surrounding landscape and enjoying delicious dishes.


If you come here, you don't have to worry about not having a place to take pictures. Almost everywhere in An Son Ho it is very beautiful and poetic. Every corner is enough to take the best photos of your trip.

An Son Lake restaurant is mainly furnished in a country style, specializing in delicious Central Highland specialties. That's why the food here focuses on country-style processing to ensure flavor. Owner and chef pay great attention to the freshness of ingredients and vegetables. Primary materials are mainly purchased locally. This helps the business source good ingredients and supports agricultural products for Da Lat farmers. Some special dishes such as lam rice, grilled sturgeon with salt andpepper, grilled chicken, etc

New: Helicopter TOUR DISCOVER DA NANG City Saturday, April 30th, 2022 - 8:02 AM

Da Nang Tourism has just launched a new product "Helicopter TOUR DISCOVER DA NANG City"

S7 Airlines Opens Flights to Cam Ranh- Nha Trang, Vietnam.

S7 Airlines take off direct scheduled flights from Vladivostok Russia) to Cam Ranh- Nha Trang (Vietnam) on December 13th, 2019. Tickets for the new flight are offered in this time.

Flights will be operated weekly. Departure from Vladivostok will be at 20:40 on Fridays, arrival at the Cam Ranh airport will be at 00:20 local time the next day. The return flight departs at 01:35 on Saturdays and arrives in Vladivostok by 10:25.

Flights will be operated on modern comfortable Airbus A320neo aircraft, which bring out more spacious overhead compartments, more space for legs, and LED lighting that is enjoyable to the eyes. Seats are set up USB sockets, in addition to special miniature holders for mobile devices.

“S7 Airlines started direct flights to Vietnam last year. In the upcoming winter schedule, we are expanding the geography of routes: direct flights to Nha Trang are now available not only to passengers from Irkutsk and Novosibirsk, but also from Vladivostok. Staying for winter in Vietnam is actively gaining popularity among independent travelers. Nha Trang is perfect for a relaxing family vacation and ecotourism ⁠— the untouched nature of the region is very impressive,” ⁠— says Igor Veretennikov, commercial director of S7 Group.

S7 Priority loyalty program members will be able to get at least 1200 miles for a flight from Vladivostok to Nha Trang. The accumulated S7 Priority miles can be used for award tickets and additional services.

Cam Ranh International Airport (IATA: CXR, ICAO: VVCR) is located on Cam Ranh Bay in Cam Ranh, a town in Khánh Hòa Province in Vietnam. It serves the city of Nha Trang, which is 30 km (16 NM) from the airport. This airport handled  8,5 million passengers in 2018, and is estimated to handle 10 million passengers in 2019.


This is the only airport in Vietnam that handles more international passengers than domestic passengers, with international passengers accounting for 70% in 2018 It is the fourth busiest airport in Vietnam.


Cam Ranh Terminal 1 is used for domestic flights and Cam Ranh Terminal 2 (managed by Cam Ranh International Terminal (CRTC) JSC) is used for international flights.

 The terminal building has a unique architecture inspired by the shape of a swallow's nest, native to the Khanh Hoa Province, and the waves of Nha Trang Bay - a signature representation of the South Central Coast. Terminal 2 has 4 aero bridges and 10 boarding gates, as well as advanced equipment systems supplied by prestigious international companies.


Special food in Phu Quoc night market Monday, June 10th, 2019 - 11:26 AM

No matter what nationality you have, you can visit Vietnam 30 days without visa.

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, is a part of Kien Giang Province as Phu Quoc District. You can go to Phu Quoc by plane or farry.

Phu Quoc has an exquisite beach called “Bai Sao”. Bai Sao with smooth and white sand, clean seawater has attracted to lots of tourists. Imagine that you’re laying in seaside with fresh air and here the sound of the waves, so great! Phu Quoc has some small islands called “hòn” like Hòn Dăm Ngang, Hòn Mây Rút and Hòn Móng tay…… You can visit these small islands and you can try snorkeling to see lots of beautiful coral reef in the ocean. There is many kind of reef there, you can find lots of new thing.

At night you can go to night market to relax and try some food. Night market at the heart of Dương Đông Town on Phu Quoc impress tourists with the scent of grilled food, the beautiful colours of desserts and the hawker’s unique cooking techniques. lobsters, clams, snails and fish swimming inside aquariums show at food stalls selling seafood. Among these sea food items, sea urchin- fat and nutritious meat is a must-try here. The chefs grilled sea urchins then topped with melted lard, peanuts, and chopped green onions. At night market you should try palmyra juice,  palmyra sweet soup or Steamed Palmyra Sponge Cake as dessert, it is the best food for you with sweet taste and the smell attractive you. Kẹo chỉ (thread sweets) is also the exicted food for tourists surround it to admire the sellers making this dessert. The sugar is spun skillfully until it becomes threads. The threads are placed between two layers of rice pancakes, added with shredded coconut and fruit syrup or coconut milk.