Phu Quy Island Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 - 4:06 AM

From the coach Phan Thiet city about 56 nautical miles belong the east- southeast, Phu Quy lies at the juntion lines of the mainland and Truong Sa (Spartley) Island. With an important position, a light house was built to guide ships going out anh coming in. Standing here, tourists have a panoramic view of the island’s landscape.

Ho Chi Minh zoo Monday, May 6th, 2013 - 1:08 AM

Location: 2B Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City.

Feature: Saigon Zoo is one of the city's cultural addresses in Ho Chi Minh City, where the conservation of animals and plants have a life expectancy rank 8th in the world.


Ham Ho (hầm hô) in Binh Dinh province Thursday, January 31st, 2013 - 5:01 PM

Ham Ho is a beautiful landscape which is located in Binh Dinh Province. In Vietnamese, the word “Ham” means a cellar and “Ho” means yelling, but actually, Ham Ho is the name of a beautiful spring located in this province.

Visiting Long Hải in Vung Tau province Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 - 6:07 AM

Just 40km from Vung Tau, Long Hai is easily accessed by taking the hydrofoil to Vung Tau and a relaxing cab ride onwards. Situated on and around a small mountain range that overlooks the ocean, Long Hai enjoys the slow paced lifestyle of a small Vietnamese Fishing village, except on weekends when the urban population flocks to its sands.

The lychees of Thanh Ha, Hai Duong Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 - 8:15 AM

In the middle of June, if the tourists visit Thanh Ha of Nam Thanh district, Hai Duong province, they will have the chance to taste the sweet and delicious lychees and see by their own eyes the blazing red of lychee gardens. It seems that

Tan Trieu grapefruit village in Dong Nai Province Thursday, January 24th, 2013 - 4:30 AM

Located in Tan Binh commune, Vinh Cuu district, Tan Trieu grapefruit village lies along the Dong Nai River. Tan Trieu is a small island surrounded by Dong Nai River. In order to visit grapefruit village, tourists can travel by boat, motorbike or car. Local people will guide you to go sightseeing around the village.