Vietnam visa on arrival service- simple way to get Vietnam visa

Sunday, May 5th, 2013 - 4:48 AM

Have you ever thought of visiting Vietnam and getting a visa to this country? Can you imagine that there is a very easy way for you to possess a Vietnam visa but the service fee is not something to worry about? Then Vietnamese visa online program is available here for your choice. Just by accessing a website and all information about the regulations as well as procedures involved in applying for a visa will be on your mind. Assistance and suggestions on how to obtain a visa on arrival in a very small amount of time is a free service which is given to you through the available-all-day customer care staff.

Vietnam is famous for its beauty and warm-hearted people. This country welcomes all travellers who would like to visit for either tourist or business purpose. You can obtain a visa as a legal way to enter Vietnam by applying at a Vietnam embassy in your own country but this processing cost you more time and effort than getting one online. If you want to get your visa through an agent then you will surely have to reimburse them for this service. The website giving you online visa service is designed to give you the fasted and most convenient way of applying a Vietnam visa. Once you get any trouble in applying a visa online at the website, you can contact them to be given direct instruction.

The whole process of getting a visa online is so simple and easy to finish. From the site you can click on the Apply button which is so easy to see at the main page, or you can send your request to their email and their staff will process your approval for your Vietnam visa. For normal service, you can get your approval letter within 1-3 working days or just 2-8 hours for urgent service. Payment for service fee will be required to make after the application form is completed. Your approval letter will be started processing as soon as your payment is successful.

Once you obtain the approval letter with all your information correctly, you can print it out to present when you get on your plane to flight to Vietnam. When reaching Vietnam airport, just come to the Landing Visa office, submit the approval letter and stamping fee to the Immigration officer. Finally, your passport will have a visa stamped on it.