Attend Flower Festival in Dalat city

Thursday, November 14th, 2013 - 4:30 AM

From 27 December 2013 to 5th January 2014 Flower Festival will happen in Dalat city, Lam Dong province, Central of Vietnam.

Beginning Ceremony Cultural Tourism Week 2013 will got up on 27.12.2013 at 20g00 Lam Vien Square. Flower cars, car models ASEAN UNESCO Heritage procession by night in the sparkling light fireworks.

Demonstration of UNESCO Intangible Heritage of ASEAN will be presented on 7 pm on 12/28/2013 at Lam Vien Square, Theatre Three in April. This is an unique show in grace of the large, protect and promote the heritage of UNESCO. The program will have many exclusive exercises are created properly and carefully with the contribution of 10 countries and 4 associate of ASEAN nations are India, China , Japan, Korea.

Night concentration Sac Dalat flower festival will be celebrate 120 years old,  arranged on 8 pm 12/29/2013 at Lam Vien Square in Da Lat.

Night convergence will be top shows fashionable carnaval, street procession, clothed with flowers and the flowers on the bike, to exhibit the moderate crops unique of Da Lat. Many florists programexecution and children's art painting will include festive color

Night City Peace will occur in 5 days from 27 to 31/12/2013 at Peace Neighborhood walk (Dalat market). Like an art space with the impressive music program street art, international art, music DJ Rock and interesting for youth.

Additional,the special of this year  will have an individual place only WINE + ROCK + DJ. Become a member of the festival guests will be: submerged and taking pleasure in the wines of Da Lat, the reunion with the DJ in 3 regions with a theatrical rock extravaganza.

Why don't you experience a new year in unique festival? You will have a relaxing stay and take a festival remarkable.