Vietnam, Myanmar consent visa exemption between two countries

Monday, October 14th, 2013 - 6:57 PM

Myanmar bonded its ties with Vietnam since very early years. Coming from 1947, Vietnam established a liaison office in the capital of Yangon. After the Southern liberation and national unification in Vietnam, the two countries enhanced their diplomatic relations from Consul General to Ambassador Level (28/5/1975). More than the past years, the two countries have been making an effort to combine and promote the traditional friendship and multifaceted co-operation, particularly in the fields of politics, foreign issues, trade and investment... The two sides frequently exchange delegations at all levels. The great effects of those visits have installed historic goals, established new focus and developed considerable impetus for the even more development of the two-sided relations. 

Vietnam Myanmar visa exemption

From October, 26, 2013 the citizens of Myanmar and Vietnam do not need to get entry, exit and transit visa if they visit no longer than 14 days and passports valid for at least six months

If residents need to stay with a longer time, they should get visa before enter.

Up to now, Vietnamese passport holders have been exempt from entry, exit and transit visas in nine ASEAN member nations