What types of visa I can get if visit Vietnam- Cambodia?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 - 4:41 AM

Good evening, I organized a trip for 4 people in December. The trip includes both the arrival the departure at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City. Obviously I need to apply for a visa (1 month) for Vietnam. During the trip, however, we thought we make a stop in Cambodia by traveling by land. How should I do to get into Cambodia from Vietnam and back in Vietnam? I have to ask other visas? Do I already know the exact dates? Thank you in advance for your support! Charlot Heresa


You can apply for 1 month multiple entries which permit double or multiple entries into Vietnam with the same visa within 1 month.

The service fee for this type is 25 USD/per, not include stamp fee at Vietnam airport: 65USD/pp for less than 1 month or 95USD/pp for full 1 month visa.

We will give you for the example about the time and the stamp fee for this type.

- In case Your entry date is 2 Dec and exit date is 25 Dec. It means you are permitted to enter Vietnam any time from 2 Dec ( it can be 3-4-7-9... Dec but not 1 Dec). And we will automatic backdated to mark or supply with a date that is earlier than the actual date. So that the stamping fee at the Vietnam airport will 65USD/pp for less than 1 month.

- In case Your entry date is 2 Dec and exit date is 2 Jan.You are permitted to enter and exit Vietnam any time from 2 Dec within 1 full month with the stamp fee is 95USD/pp.